Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does The Sony 400 Disc Dvd Play Divx HDMI With Componet?

HDMI with Componet? - does the sony 400 disc dvd play divx

That's what I want to try:
Marantz A / V receiver
Sony 400 DVD / CD changer
Final ProCinema 800
Projector 1080i * * I need more money

I am the DVD / CD changer for digital receiver with an HDMI cable and go from the receiver to the projector with an analog component (RGB)

My reasoning: an HDMI cable works well at short distances. She also produces audio and video cables, will be less polluted. Component works well over long distances, 1080i play very well.

I just want some opinions, a decrease of 6,000 Big Point

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