Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vcr Dvd Player Fine Product ,reasonably Priced Anyone Know How To Hook Up A Separate DVD Player And VCR Player?

Anyone know how to hook up a separate DVD player and VCR player? - vcr dvd player fine product ,reasonably priced

I want a separate DVD and TV-DVD players come at the age of my mother in touch. The DVD player and video player works well with separtly TV, but I've tried to understand how to connect to both TV and work. Since the TV is old, has no connection to the back, so I bought a converter that connects to a TV that provides the connections.

I tried my DVD / VCR connected to your TV. The VCR part has worked well, but when his time on DVD, the converter stops.

I know that the audio cable hook-and-red white and yellow cables connecting the vidio, but you do not know what the other outputs. On the back of the DVD output is not green with a Y next to a shot from the blue with a red CB PB / make / Pr Cr, a coaxial and an S-vidio. The DVD player simply said vidio and audio and outlets.

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