Thursday, December 31, 2009

Online Drug Dealing Games Help! I'm Playing This Online Murder Mystery Game, And I Need Answers To These 6 Gambling Questions?

Help! i'm playing this online murder mystery game, and i need answers to these 6 gambling questions? - online drug dealing games

However, on reaching the next level in this game, I need answers to these questions. Please help. They are:

1. In some online poker sites, ______ is the name for a poker game that requires no money. (starting with AB)

2. Enter the name of Jack Black game that uses all the cards in a game (the name of an animal)

3. In the game of roulette compartment in which the numbers call immediately to the left and right of the winning number?

4. In the casino game Party Poker, what is the best poker hand in the rankings of the players can be treated?

5. The drug Viagra was not after eating solid food that many _____? has to be taken

6. Hydrocodone is the generic ingredient which brand of pain reliever?

Thank you soo much!

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