Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dual Screen Multi Region Dvd Players Using Dual/multi Monitor View What Cables Would I Need To Connect My Pc To The Tv As A Second Screen?

Using dual/multi Monitor view what cables would i need to connect my pc to the tv as a second screen? - dual screen multi region dvd players

I have a NVIDIA GeForce FX5200
and I want my TV-connected device and use them as a second monitor
whats cable do I need ready for them all to understand, any reference to the double images or multiple monitors, but I'm not sure that the names of the lines

On my graphics card that I use the blue port on my computer screen, shaped and leaving a port in a circle and a square white port

what I need to know which method you use to connect the TV or video, SCART cable would be yellow

It also looks like my TV has the same circle shaped port it is graphics card with S-> [mark] similar, under the same

I have a question Does this make it difficult to work or make grapics card processor and RAM are working harder because I've told you what my graphics card is this sending video from media player full screen mode on the TV screen


dewcoons said...

To do this, you need the TV on Hi Def, it works with old CRT televisions.

You can use the port and ran to the TV. Based on the icon that appears to have described is an S-Video connection. You can use a S-video cable from Radio Shack and other electronics stores (maybe even Walmart, because they are very common).

Then you must demonstrate that the television and see what kind of contribution that TV has. The other end of the cable must match the entry Televsion. (The most common is an RCA jack - round and are) in groups of three, the red and black and white for audio for video.

Note that the output of your graphics card does not transmit watch the video - no sound. If you want a sound to your TV, you must also run a cable from the headphone / speaker for your computer to the audio input on your TV. The computer output is usually what they call "mini stereo plug. In most televisions, is the entrance of the red and black pair of RCA jacks.

That is why we need more probable
An S-video to RCA for video
A stereo mini-jack stereoor a split RCA cable (two RCA connectors on the end Oher) for audio.

Greg B said...

The cable you need is called an S-video. You can buy in most department stores, ie. Wal-Mart, Target, Radio Shack, etc.. If there is a long distance, you need to connect two or more cables. Radio Shack sells the adapter for the female to female, and I recommend the use of ropes 12 meters available. However, S-video is only for the video! If you have a sound that you need another separate cable for connecting the audio output from the PC to the TV. They make adapters for connecting different types of cables connected to Miss audio jacks at Radio Shack.

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