Wednesday, January 27, 2010

History Behind Slr 35mm Film Camera What Is The History Behind The Hockey Horn?

What is the history behind the hockey horn? - history behind slr 35mm film camera

What is the history behind the use of the horn after scoring a goal in hockey?


cyrenaic... said...

Horn's goal was first used in Chicago Stadium in the final of the Stanley Cup 1973rd Occasionally been in Chicago for 10 years before the North Star began with a of 80 degrees at the Met Center (Conference Finals in 1984).

Hockey historian Brian McFarlane, said the idea was stolen in European football.

In 1996, the Board of Governors of the NHL re-writing the rules of music / Sirens / Horns NHL Arenas ... if it is available, how long is the duration, etc.

John said...

The Horn of hockey, "better known as the horn first playoff goal of the Stanley Cup in 70 years with the" hawks "in black Chicago, and later in the 80 years, the North Star (no more) of us have begun a deployment. Later on the specific rules have been introduced to limit as far as horns and sirens cases, in conjunction with the in-game music will be used: for example, I sing the sound of any training device noise during the game, but without penalties during the game " in a speaker box known

james said...

The horn is getting in the top of opposition, because in some sports boo when something good happens, then the class from another team.

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