Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wedding Cards Performa Does Anyone Have Any Ideas On What To Do With Our Wedding Cards?

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with our wedding cards? - wedding cards performa

He saved our marriage cards (50), and I had to do something special with them ... but I'm not a scrapbook. Even something along those lines would not be out of the question, I do not know what to do. What can I do with them, even if only some cards or cards of all, it gives me nothing. Ideas? Thank you ~


zengirl said...

Here's an idea that I can with me, but only work if you have a large photo of a majority of those present at the wedding. My photographer asked everyone at the church and took a large group photo. I have the impression that is produced in the size of 9 x 12. Then I had an important lineup, save the craft to Michael. This is a standard size, but the thing is now packed and therefore can not be measured. I think it was about 2 feet by 3 feet, the image centered in the middle. It came with a white base. But if you do not, you can buy a normal piece of cardboard and cut it to fit. I have all the signatures and small pieces of paper where people have signed cards and wrote messages little fun, and you reduce these collages and little overlap with some embellishments to the front of the cards the size of the photo. In some other little things that flat moments from my wedding, like the petals of some aircraft and some small beads are stuck in my class, he turned andt kind of cool. If you have the photo group, you can experiment with both parents and the bride and groom, or even a bride and groom or the bride. Or all of these could be a collage with various cool photos of all types of people who participated at his wedding. If you plan to stay in the moments of your wedding so that you may be a kind of shadow box frame being examined, as there is a gap between the carrier and the glass, which may be thicker.

Good luck!

And congratulations on your wedding!


sniffydo... said...

I'd put in a box and keep them. Opt for a few years when it counts.

armypara... said...

Put them in an album or a box or something and can last for 50 years, the memories of the old when you start your life together. Congratulations on getting married!

OIL said...

Mace of an Album

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