Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ringworm Stages Pictures My Kitten Started Topical Treatment For Ringworm 2 Days Ago & Today?

My kitten started topical treatment for ringworm 2 days ago & today? - ringworm stages pictures

Primary scab fell. Just pink skin. I know I for 2 weeks for orders veterinarian on. The question is, is the RW in the finale, when the scab falls off? And how much longer for the hair to grow? Thanks


J C said...

Your veterinarian will bathe the cat with an antifungal shampoo? Yes, a certain damage is in the final period, but if the lichen spores are more aggressively treated, lesions may occur. The hair begins to grow, now that is the moth that time it will take some time, but it * will * grow back.

Hugo - a common medication given for ringworm is grisiofulvin (Fulvacin, grifulvin) and not considered safe for cats, because it is very hard on the liver and can cause liver damage. Veterinarians prefer to deal with current kitten, except in one case of illness. A new drug called Sporonox is considered much safer, but it is much more expensive.

Hugo said...

The hair should boost growth and is now immeadiately ringworm on his back.
Why do you use this bath sulfur shit? Why do not the pills instead?

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