Sunday, January 31, 2010

Buggy Blue Prints Royal Society Embriodery Pattern - The Buggy Ride #6338?

Royal Society embriodery pattern - The Buggy Ride #6338? - buggy blue prints

The blankets have a crib that my grandmother gave me in 1963, she said, she began in 1917 with my father, I have just been finished and you want more information about this topic. Has anyone out there know something done about this model / kit musllin calico with the dog and the blue buggy. with large flowers and herbs. Great-grandchildren, and now I want to convey more information than I do.


gettingm... said...

I regret that it had such a long answer has to do an investigation. Here is the email address of a company that deals with these old models, especially for the Royal Society of Canada. I am sure would help you find information about it. You can also create your model and to authorize others to access. So, if I can not say anything about the original model to be in a position to return to life and his great-granddaughter of children a great story, what you have heard this can help.

damsel36 said...

Contact: ... / available_book ...

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