Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kentucky Boxer Rescue Laws For Agressive Breed Dogs In Kentucky?

Laws for agressive breed dogs in Kentucky? - kentucky boxer rescue

I have a pit bull-boxer, who two years in October. He recently received protection at home, which is fine with me. My concern is that, although he accompanied on the one hand, the day when she tried to bite the brother of my neighbor. That never happened, but I want to take any chances. I will pay for signs of a dog to save the tree in front and at the door of my house, but I'm not sure what else to do to me. It was not (has never been aggressive toward children in the neighborhood, but if we ensure that all his neighbors know what kind of dog it and told them not to let that play their children to the event.)

I am very worried about this because I know the general feeling against the Pitbulls and hybrids with them. You do not want to risk injury to himself or me losing my dog. What must I do to keep ourselves and our neighbors in security?

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