Friday, January 29, 2010

Japanese Hair Straightening In Vancouver Do You Get Your Natural Hair Back After JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING?

Do you get your natural hair back after JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING? - japanese hair straightening in vancouver

my hair is naturally curly / wavy after a shower and here are some nice loops. I love them. Unfortunately, very swollen. I will try to use the hair combed Japanese variety and easy to use. Do I get my natural curls effect after that?

So, how is the situation, whilst the Japanese straightening? Natural hair is exceptional and the bottom line is correct?


Lab mommy said...

the first time ... Japanese straightened hair is not working! Trust me, I havent spent thousands of dollars and is now the result we wanted. Work on the first day, when the president of the Barber, but the second you wash it, unless you blow dry, it will be too curly. Sting (and straight hair is dry, what will do well, you can view them without chemical damage)

EM!LY said...

It is permanent hair arranged to take a shower after the hair only automatically go straight. I propose a chi iron.
Japanese Hair Straighting reallllly bad for your hair ... good luck (:

Help please =] ...

oncloudn... said...

Finally, things disappear, some more than others.

Even continuing to disappear.

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