Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remain As Invisible On Facebook How Do I Remain Invisible To My Contacts While On Line?

How do I remain invisible to my contacts while on line? - remain as invisible on facebook

I do not know my contacts to when online.


Andrew said...

Yahoo Messenger:

Web chat:
Click on the link without the link under the sign of

On the radar screen of the office:
Select the check box Log on as invisible, "says

Or, click for desktop instant messaging, you click a contact to click options for invisibility, then on is not connected to John Smith --

john t said...

Yahoo = Click on "invisible to everyone"
= Right-clicking the MSN icon on the bottom and the right mouse button and click appears to be offline
Homo Goal = Get A Life, Get ninemsn

♱♫True Colors☺♥ said...

This tutorial covers all the ways to protect your privacy, Yahoo Messenger: http://help.yahoo.com/tutorials/ms9/mess ...

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