Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cervix And Period How Is Your Cervix Suppose To Be Before A Period?

How is your cervix suppose to be before a period? - cervix and period

If you had a child or children in general, might pass before a period appears to be open, if you really do not? I have heard that if you are pregnant, your will be closed?

Ive been reading many different information.

I do not know whether his alleged, to be strong, weak, soft, hard, if you are pregnant?

I've had children, but only asked if he would check the cervix and appears "open" because he already had children might be ... and could actually be closed ... or not change the cervix after children?

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Ethel said...

It opens a little when you are pregnant - even after 2 children some of his time opening, sealed with a pregnancy. Wherever he is, he moves the neck of the uterus to the vulva, as they crowded (as in ready for sex), so it's a wash. It feels soft and silky on the outside a hard core of the pregnancy if your nose feels like a time around. Your operating system and your cervix is changing, perhaps prior to the birth.

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