Thursday, November 5, 2009

Usa Scooter Metal Core Wheels Can I Use My UK Provisional Driving Licence To Ride A Scooter/moped In The USA?

Can I use my UK provisional driving licence to ride a scooter/moped in the USA? - usa scooter metal core wheels

Or do I need a driver's license, pass tests, get a special license, while in the United States?
Any help appreciated


John D said...

I do not think that the reaction of others is correct. All states have laws for that. It also depends on the bike. I have a Segway and mining requires a regular license. I think the most powerful / expensive scooter, and the following to be.

UCANTCME said...

Good question, but I forgot to say if the United States, because in some states will not require licenses at all.

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