Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Endometriosis More Condition_symptoms Does Anyone Have Continuing Endometriosis Pain Even After 2 Or More Surgeries?

Does anyone have continuing endometriosis pain even after 2 or more surgeries? - endometriosis more condition_symptoms

I have diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years ago. My first surgery (laparoscopy) is both diagnostic and therapeutic. I was relatively pain-free after the surgery a little over a year. Mein 2 Laparoscopy was held this year because I) severe pain (pelvis, legs and lower back. It was so unbearable that I started with difficulties in walking. After the 2nd Laparoscopy, pain seemed better, but not completely disappeared. Over the last 2 weeks the pain was severe.

I wonder whether others who are treated go with this (or by this time) and perhaps I can clarify something for me.


MrsKat said...

Yes, I am the same way. Unfortunately, this disease is a life for. If your full term as I get rid of these symptoms, but only for a few months. This is called a medically induced menopause. A doctor has me on Depo shots once a month (instead of normal, once every three months) and to stop it, but I had very bad mood swings and crying for no reason. Then you try Zoladex, which is used to fall ill with cervical cancer, endometriosis and treatment of prostate cancer. It was an intensive treatment. I had no pain, but had no hot flashes, mood swings, weight gained, I had severe insomnia, no sexual desire at all, and some other problems of female employees. I also had two laparoscopic operations, somewhere between the treatments. You need this book: ...

I have a copy, and it is unbelievable. I read a lot about certain foods and toxins can affect your Endo and worsen your pain. For example caffiene. I tried some suggestions and it worked. I also take vitamins every day and that helps.Let me know if you still want to know more, my email It is difficult to learn but you have to manage it.

sokokl said...

Yes, I repeat, I have endometriosis and not had 4 operations. A diagnostic and 3 to verify the status. With my 3rd surgery January, which took me 6 months time to recover from the surgery. With the surgery I had last year, I did not know the confiscation of all wisdom, because I have a new pain problem it difficult for me to tell you how things have been done. I only hope and pray that my endo did not want to return so soon after surgery # 4.

I had people say, oh, go the doctors who have more experience with endometriosis (ie, do) what the state, and I have no money, but I've also said that apart from the question of money, even if I continue to endometriosis to act again. Because, as my body responds to him.

Feel free to e-mail or IM me on the spot at any time.

kristin g said...

OMG. I thought I was alone in the world. Did you have the feeling that you are crazy? 2 years ago I had surgery on the right and left ovaries were removed, and the cysts tube, of course. The time now is bad pain again, and I'm so over it. Tylenol and Advil work, but not good. I do not get, and surgery. I know what you mean about the pain in the legs and lower back and pelvis. Thank God it's not just me!

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