Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where Does Myamee Get Her Weave Who Do U Think Will Leave Next Week On I Love Money 2?

Who do u think will leave next week on I love money 2? - where does myamee get her weave

I hope it is Prancer or hate than either of them that I Buckwild, French, sapharrii, 20 of ice and love that can and can not do myamee u think will be the next 2GB


♥Sweetbu... said...

I totally agree with you.
I hate to meet the Alliance.
I loved the original covenant with entertainers.
Tailor Made or Prancer I hope to return home.

Cindy M said...

I think going 20 or Buckwild package. You only have 3 people in their alliance.

And hate, in fact, why the people at the appropriate time, the game plays like a freakin genius. I think Prancer or manufactured or ice will make money at the end.


Sharia B said...

Myamee hope does not win! Buckwild Beck hate and hope to return home or Saphyrii.

Miami REs. said...

Franchy I go home next week. Why not Myammee u like? Did you know that earning money in the end?

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