Friday, November 6, 2009

Nightmare Campus Streaming Living On Campus For College?

Living on campus for college? - nightmare campus streaming

What are the pros and cons of life on campus to go to school in comparison? Good or bad experiences? My biggest fear is change, and being away from home and I have a nightmare mate.


Duffy D said...

Chen's own life, freedom of residence on campus roommate ugly.

Lanie said...

The disadvantages are that drive you to school and need to find a parking space in a variety of passenger space can be difficult to find parking spaces. Some S-campus are more friendly than others. Burning drive a lot of round-trip gas. There are many things that have happened on campus and from school or rheumatoid arthritis, sometimes organizing is to miss the trip.

The advantages are that you want to learn to live with people other than his family. In my student days in the dorms are suites that are home to five or six people in a single person who has his own room suite.Each or sometimes two, a place in any event there is a kitchen and a lounge. It's like a little family. It can be fun and give you the independence, who can not live at home. This can be good or bad, depending on how you independent in the management of this discovery. If you think you get on the party scene and not leave at the end of the university after the trip would be best for you .. If you believe you meet and have fun without going crazy, while livtion on campus can be a great experience. If you really even a roommate can make life difficult at the residence on campus and see if they can change.

Andrés said...

I had a second nightmare. really sucked. It is hoped that the room was too small (although I paid for it would cost to) rent an apartment, I had my own bathroom or in my kitchen, I had a small share space with someone I despise no privacy that can not play music because I wanted to take care of my roommate or the people next door, etc.

On the other hand, is very beautiful, so close to campus, you can explore on foot. It's also good to a common area where you may have to go with my friends every day. if there good and bad to it. I finished my room only real avoided, except when I slept, and you use an iPod for music. Of course, even that was annoying because I could not sleep very well when my roommate would play the whole night television, making it very, very often.

So basically sure you have a roommate to work properly. At the very least must be able to sleep comfortably in one room. If you do not, even ifsucks in the room during the day, you can prevent at least as well as to study, and others.

If you have a roommate halfway on campus can be fun. otherwise it is likely to hate.

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