Thursday, November 12, 2009

Messages For Baby Arrivals How Do You Save Your Parent Who Need's Their Children ?

How do you save your parent who need's their children ? - messages for baby arrivals

I lost my mother for months, I have a sick father, who is ready for the nursing home, their illnesses, dementia and a host of other illinesses now his mind is as good, but his body is not that they only feed themselves can

I have traveled 800 thousand miles to take care of my father for him, all his children live 800 miles away from him, I was in arival of sheep and goats do not do big worry for my father d with a lady, but everything was about me and I came to my house to see to day with me. She called my little brother, who in turn left a message that does not leave me, my sister, my father, whenever I'm on my way. Upon his arrival, he was with me that we must go to the Father. My father and I were ready for our trip and my brother said his father brought with him, but that was for me to go, where he was. I do not understand how can a child be with his father in this way to see how he does his need for family, is now back in our hometown, without our father, our father is back in the same situationIons, which had called me earlier to come to their aid.

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