Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cruising Sites In Charlotte Nc Gay Why Does It Cost To Apply For Cruise Ship Jobs? What Sites Allow You To Apply For Free?

Why does it cost to apply for cruise ship jobs? What sites allow you to apply for free? - cruising sites in charlotte nc gay

Whenever you are looking for cruise ships, there is always a tax. It should apply a fee for each agency. I thank everyone for their help.


TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only said...

I have not worked on a cruise, but I've spoken with many people doing that, what I have done over 20 cruises. But the work is not on a cruise trip, his work with long hours over a longer period.

If you want to work on a cruise, you must first at sites where the cruise line. Here you will find a link to employment, employment, human resources or as a link to information about their positions is available. Some of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, on the recruitment of members (people who study and interviews) to pay: https: / / / jobs / rccl_jobs.nsf

http://www.royalfoodandbeveragecareers.c ...
Find on this link, then click on "Careers" and "recruitment of partners."

Do NOT use other sites that require you on a fee or for information or job referrals. Some sites have Cruise Lines May current vacancies are for the setting.

Here is some information and links:

Carnival Cruise Lines is the parent company of a conglomerate that also Carnival Cruise Lin

vcupony said...

Stop going to these places to find "a job" and go directly to the website of the Carnival Cruise Line, Princess, Royal Caribbean, etc. As a warning, but one of the previous answer is correct. When working on a cruise at least 6 months on the boat (sometimes spend 7 each) according to the contract, no "free days", this means a change of work each day. The pay is very good and room and food, but unless you have no family and does not intend to, once and for a moment, then it is likely that the idea is not good. You will see the world, but Be warned that most of the crew are not Americans (90% do not) and most are young, so as to set the chances of people when you are a U.S. median age is rare. Of course, most Americans are too lazy, 7 days a week for 6 months in a row, although too.

Mary said...

You should not try to "help you a job" groups "to get a job on a cruise, visit the Web company and the link to employment. There is never a fee collected directly from a cruise! There have also Cruise Lines, their own attitudes and not with groups who want to handle their money.

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