Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sample Welcome Letter, Wedding I Am A First Year Special Eduction Teacher (autisic Students) And Need Some Help.?

I am a first year special eduction teacher (autisic students) and need some help.? - sample welcome letter, wedding

I am looking for a model with a letter of welcome and wanted to know if anyone had some tips for organizing classes and known good sites.

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Melanie L said...

Your welcome letter should include the equipment needed for the class, their expectations and discipline policy, and maybe a few things that you hope to achieve in a year. It also includes contact information (email and phone number and school vocal #).
Organize your classroom is really a personal preference. You may find that you will find several ways to find what works best for you to try.
I once had a workshop that the needs of children with autism attacked. The moderator suggested google images of children. She felt that visuals were a big help for them. There were several sites, but you do not know whether the package at this time. I'll see if I think it will be known to others. We strongly recommend rolling and use images.

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