Monday, February 1, 2010

Can You Connect A Hard Drive To A Tv Can Tou Reccomend An External Hard Drive That Will Connect To My TV?

Can tou reccomend an external hard drive that will connect to my TV? - can you connect a hard drive to a tv

Hello, I'm looking for an external hard drive that connects to your TV via Scart or AV cable. I want something that all DivX, plays, etc.

I want to spend more than £ 100, but it can be pushed up to € 150.

I want something reliable performance. Capacity increases of around 300 GB

is the best I've found so far ...

Can you give me something better for me?

Thank you!

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Rob K said...

Maplin do for about £ 90, 320 ...

Code A85HB

The price is for August 7 good while supplies last ...

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