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Do You Get Heart Palpitations With A Herniated Disc Heart Palpitations?!?

Heart Palpitations?!? - do you get heart palpitations with a herniated disc

Hello everyone, I need to do a little ventilation. In the last year or two, I received the same freqency palpitations, feeling, etc.. I am currently in medical care, but I fear that the underlying issue take a bit .. I had ECGs ... Fetched a echo.and and everyone seems to have come from normal, with the exception of a minor leak
Valve that the document is not worried. I would just have to know the others are on the field with symptoms like me. Fly .. Shaking of the big hits. They are so debilitating! IM scared to go anywhere, everything .. I am afraid that one of these days get palpitations ID Cardico prison, or worse .. Anyone out there that get it? What medications do you take? IAM 100mg taking a beta blocker (atenolol), but not if I'm still workingreceive these palpitations. Not smart or rude comments please .. Just a word of comfort ... nothing!
Thank you very much


fratina said...

Hello, I'm sorry, go there and understand exactly what you say. I have palpitations bad, too, and have passed through the echo and Holter and the rest on various occasions over many years. You do not mention whether there is a history of heart disease in the family - there is in my - and if so, what is sure to concerns.

If you have passed the examinations and tests that were performed by a cardiologist, and I said there was no cause for concern, then you should try very hard place, quiet your mind. You are not in danger if that happens, but it sure feels like you are! So I had to run tests more than once - if it happens, it is very difficult tor think they agree, because I do not feel really good! But * is * OK.

It is interesting (and surprising for us all that) this experience, but many people have palpitations and they are never informed. They do not feel or sense. Years ago when I was in nursing school the pulse of a patient whose heart was beating irregularly, so feared something terrible would happen before they could help her, so I tried d 'action actually happened on the left side, then fell to someone who knew what to do to find. I found myself very annoyed, because when the doctor examined the patient (who was the drama was not aware), noted that there is a common arrhythmia, palpitations, and are not caUse of concern. There I learned that many, many people have. The problem for people like you and me is they * feel strong, and it is disturbing when they occur.

That is what I found so far for me. First, if you drink coffee or cola is good for keeping power consumption low, as caffeine often causes palpitations (sometimes several hours later, also in connection to occur immediately). I used to drink much coffee, but now I only have one cup per day. If I do drink soda or coffee anymore, I'm much more likely that one of these long episodes of anxiety as you describe. If they occur, I learned that if I put my breath and count slowly for about 15 minutes (by inhalationNose count to four, then exhale through pursed lips part (as it sounds like "Phew," If you start to count exhale), and in silence to four. In order to concentrate on your breathing, touch - to sound, air, slowly and smoothly in and out, and after about 10-15 minutes to have subsided, the vibration and shock often to be found. Making this thing breathing regularly, even if it feels good, can help the effects of shorter and less often - he has at least for me.

The palpitations are scary, but they are very different from a heart attack. Write a list of symptoms of heart attack and contain. On arrival, you are heart palpitations * not * have the symptoms (except, perhaps, the lack of highlyNo, it comes) with the anxiety. Tell yourself that you are OK as many times as necessary until you do. Try to sleep, you eat well, enough to drink enough water, exercise moderately, and go check in any program on your doctor suggests for you to know that you are things that are good for the heart does not. Enjoy your life.

Unfortunately, this is so long. She asked for a word of comfort "and I have a novel, but so sad, and I should like to feel. I wish you all the best.

HappyTif... said...

I have, but I also have tons of panic attacks. She has always told me that I am good and will go well. Never afraid to push further proof, if you feel in your heart that something may be wrong. You do not know your body and the doctors. You only know what the tests say, always with what is going to fit, it is always nice.

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