Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mu Premium Account MegaUpload Or Rapidshare Premium Account, I Need Asap!?

MegaUpload or Rapidshare Premium Account, i need asap!? - mu premium account

My name is Brad, and my grandfather raised her wedding video, for the Megaupload and Rapidshare premium a year ago. 3 days, but my grandfather died, and I can not find the tape of the wedding, and I, the files only 2 days in them, and I want to download, theres 72 binds all together and I n I have never downloaded W 2 days, or a premium account. if one or RS or MU account, please send me or comment on. thank you so much! Please help me ASAP. I love my grandfather, and you want your wedding video forever!


blα blα said...

I understand your need, but we need to understand that the hand of man to do Jusy their account information because:
(a) There is a limit of 25 GB to 5 days to download
(b) RapidShare reserves the right to accounts that are shared in the vicinity with other people and monitors this by using accounts on multiple IP addresses
to change (c) Persons with access to account information in order to block the original buyer

However, they offer a 48 hours pass Rapidshare Premium, which costs only € 4.50, making them perfect for your situation

Sorry for your loss and I hope that helps

The following answers are correct - the first is spam / request a referral system is a fraud, or takes forever for you to receive the award. The second is false. All downloaded files will be 30 days after the premium account and deleted 90 days of inactivity - I just wanted to warn the circumstances

abhi_mad... said...

Loading Hello, the link in the share premium account has no expiry date, even if the premium has expired or deleted.

So you can copy the links and download below and at your own pace and at any time. You will not be deleted or is expired.

Rocky said...

You can use this site to download from RapidShare, you can download as a premium member for FREE.

16k-zx81 said...

Sorry, you have no e-mails I receive but the information.

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