Monday, February 8, 2010

Kyubi 4 Caldas Pivot If Sakura Start Falling In Love With Naruto What Will Hinata Do?

If Sakura start falling in love with Naruto what will Hinata do? - kyubi 4 caldas pivot

We shall see in Chapter 289 Sakura really feel the love, Kyubi Naruto transformed into 4 tails, but Hinata is in love with him, what do you think will happen?


~~Gaara... said...

i dont think Sakura like more than a friend and if not, i dont think its something more than lust. shes shes in love with Sasuke and Naruto in opposition to it, and think dreams really passionate about the sport than CUS risks his life for him and it showed. small chance, but when he finally says, I think naruto hinata CUS feelings as a last resort if shes shy. shes not only that his love for so long, then maybe he feels the same, or they may choose, Sakura. I really hope that the end of Naruto and Hinata together! that make a beautiful couple! Wil himself and Sakura and Sasuke a few better than Sakura and Naruto! I like to think naruto sakura by appearance, I do not think he really cares about his personality, after all that it treats both total **** at the beginning and a little more respect for him, but no. wow I did not write much more .. lol sorry. Well, it's just my opinion. ^ _ ^

Bloody R said...

First, only Sakura likes Naruto as a friend and that's most of what happens
and even if it happens, I'm pretty sure he will do nothing because Hinata is too shy and timid
She almost cried a lot and then look forward, Naruto and Sakura, but within sad because she has not your love forever

Dondre W. said...

I think Hinata Sakura love for each year will be different

Hinata loves Naruto, where he feels when buterfl Round
While Sakura loves Naruto years as a strong bond between brother and sister, who is so strong, they would like to have saved his life and
would run the risk, you hear to help, in a heartbeat

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