Monday, February 15, 2010

Severe Copd Life Expectancy If These People Are Waiting For Transplants, What Order Would You Put Them On The Waiting List?

If these people are waiting for transplants, what order would you put them on the waiting list? - severe copd life expectancy

One patient - a middle-aged woman with cardiomyopathy (heart muscle), which is clearly the pumping ability of the heart. Doctors predict that without a transplant, life expectancy is approximately 12 months.

Patient B - Twenty-five years, with severe damage to the heart and lungs because of the genetic disease cystic fibrosis. He must be on constant oxygen and their activities severely restricted. The organ donors were genetically different from the heat and lungs and do not suffer the same deterioration.

Patient C - An old man who smoked a lot of his life. Narrows your coronary arteries and blocks the plate, and his heart is enlarged. Your lung tissue showed signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD). He already had to stop a heart attack and coronary bypass surgery, but he ignored medical advice to quit smoking.

Patient D - a twelve-year-old woman who contracted a virus that could damage the heart muscle, lung tissue scarring and severe heart valve. It is to be kept alive artificially on life in an intensive care unit. Contact with family and friends is very limited.


<^^Em^^> said...

After that my brother received a transplant, your stupid list is completely irrelevant to the functioning of the transplant system. Subjected to Go for blood, tissue compatibility, size of the organ, which is best suited to operate at the lowest estimate of the disease.

Patient C was not considered for a transplant because they do not pass the psych test before her on the transplant list.

D's lungs of patients who may be carrying more than a success, because other diseases caused by the damaged lung tissue.

One patient had a lot of ways, the doctors before taking his course on the transplant list. It always hit the lowest in the list as its projections for 12 months is much better than the average patient with viral cardiomyopathyin which patients receive an average maturity of 3 months without a transplant.

Patient B would probably be a transplant of both lungs and heart need, like most CF patients are likely to need. This is the rarest of organ transplants and some of the patients with most Arent strong enough to function when organs are available.

VRX said...

If you are an employee of the league or if you have health insurance than the rest, I am sure that we go first. I bet that star power also helps. As you know, Miley Cyrus wants on the list with his first 12 years or even 32 years.

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Michelle said...

would be my best estimate I can not agree with the transplant list yet.

TMI said...


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Wonderer said...

. Iwould say
D because they are young and needs to interact with the family
A, because only a short time
Have C, although they are a smoker, he remains a man and desrve a fair chance in any kind of assistance is him.We can not play God always is someone's father, his great father, brother or husband.
B It is sad that the boy at the bottom of the list, but it seems to go well with oxygen and for many years has come.

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