Thursday, February 18, 2010

White Coffee Table With White Rug Washing Small Shag Area Rug?

Washing small shag area rug? - white coffee table with white rug

I have a very small soft, white carpet, just maybe 4'x2 .5 '. They want the rubber mount on the bottom. Is it acceptable to throw in the washing machine and let it air dry? I believe that the creation of the dryer filled lose the effect, provide a strong fiber or something. But under a coffee table, and the edges of it very dirty. I wash myself? No label before using statements.


Paul in San Diego said...

We have three of them in a bathroom, my wife and washed in the washing machine and dry in the dryer. So far no problems with his back. And we have been for years. Some are built better than others. I'm trying. However, I expect that support to start and be ready to replace him if he does it.

peppersh... said...

Fully machine wash and dry air during the drying rug.Of more time on the last backup, but you can do.

TishaV said...

I'll give you a link where you can find more information about the cleaning of all types of carpets. Contact them also if you have questions, they are professionals on the carpet.

COUNTRY-... said...

And of course you can use the water until SO DONT MESS old soil dry or rags under set time limit on water.

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