Saturday, February 13, 2010

Private Surgery For A Prolapsed Uterus Does The VA Have To Cover My Bills For Emergency Surgery Performed At A Private Sector Hospital?

Does the VA have to cover my bills for Emergency surgery performed at a private sector hospital? - private surgery for a prolapsed uterus

I came to my house and broke my femur. I was taken to a local hospital, where they performed emergency surgery. The VA does not transfer my account, as it has occurred because it is impossible to say at the hospital or because he was moved to its emergency department, necessary to cover the bill. Althuogh that if events in your hospital, or was in the emergency room, transfer the costs covered.


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What they say is a fact. You can contact your local congressman and tell him the situation and can do sometimes with the intervention of the representative of certain things, you would not be able to do this through the usual channels.

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