Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gerber Engraved Baby Spoon Where Can I Get The Free Engraved Gerber Spoon?

Where can i get the free engraved gerber spoon? - gerber engraved baby spoon

Where can I get a spoon 4 years free Gerber has the name of my baby and birth?


Nina said...

They are not free.

I ordered one day or another. Send a check for $ 2.95 per ball:

Gerber offers Keepsake
PO Box 125,290
Fremont, MI 49412

Enter a name for your baby (up to 11 characters) on a piece of paper. And with a month-day-year date of birth.

The $ 2.95 including taxes.

Allow up to 8 weeks delivery time.



threecit... said...


Anonymou... said...

Gerber company, perhaps?

ericakam... said...

Why must Gerber? Many gift shops are .. Hallmark and Things Remembered

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